Vidal Bertran, Lourdes
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2003-2016       Barcelona       European Institute of the Mediterranean

Senén Florensa, executive president        Head of the Arab and Mediterranean World Department

Chief Editor journal afkar/ideas       Leading a team of 4 people (staff and interns); organizing events (scientific, dissemination) like conferences, seminars, roundtables, workshops, film and documentary festivals; conducting research for the Institute on current topics of interest; design contents of the journal, selection of authors, editing materials and supervision of editorial process; participation in radio program Mapamundi, on international relations and the Arab World; regular contributor to different written and audiovisual media (TV3; TVE; Catalunya Ràdio; RAC1; Radio 4; diari Ara; ... )

2015-2016       Barcelona       Ramon Llull University

Onno Seroo Onno       Lecturer        Area Studies: Seminar on Middle East and North Africa

2014-2016       Barcelona       IBEI (Barcelona Institute of International Studies)

Jacint Jordana       Lecturer        Co-lecturer on Mediterranean and Arab World Studies of the Master on International Relations

2014-2016       Barcelona       Autonomous University of Barcelona

Antoni Castel       Lecturer       Lecturer on Conflicts in the Mediterranean at the Master Degree on Communication in Armed Conflicts, Peace and Social Movements

2009-2016       Barcelona       University of Barcelona

Mònica Rius,        Lecturer        Lecturer on Contemporary Arab Politics and Arab Institutions at the Master on Arab and Islamic Studies

2000-2003       Barcelona       K.M. AlArabi S.L.

Kamel Mansour,       Translator, simultaneous interpreter and project manager       Official translation, technical translation, simultaneous interpreting in conferences and official institutions, organization of language courses – preparation of syllabus; project manager, etc.

1999       Barcelona       Editorial Personatges de Catalunya       Writer       

1997-1999       Barcelona       Freelance       Freelance translator, simultaneous interpreter, corrector, writer and teacher       


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15/10/1997Lurdes Vidal BertranUniversitat Autònoma De Barcelona

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