Salinas Roca, Maria Blanca
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2017- PhD in Nutrition and Food Science – Preserving natural attributes of mango products by non-thermal processing technologies- University of Lleida (UdL)

2011- MSc in education and pedagogy – University of Autonoma Barcelona (UAB)

2010- MSc in Research of Food and Agricultural Systems - UdL

2009- Bachelor in Food Science- UAB

2007- Bachelor in Human Nutrition, Dietetics and healthcare- University of Barcelona (UB) Speciality: Nutrition in emergencies and acute management of health care and malnutrition.


Teaching experience

2018- Present               Teaching Fellow in Nutrition and Public Health Department, Universitat Ramon Llull-Barcelona (URL). Dietetics (4 ECTS), Bromatology (2 ECTS)

2016- Present               Teaching Fellow in Medicine and Nursing Department (UdL) Biochemistry and Nutritional evaluation in healthcare (6 ECTS), Public Health in Nutrition (4 ECTS)

2016                                   Teaching assistant in Medicine Faculty in Hôpital Universitaire au N’Djamena (Tchad). Module: Nutrition and Dietetics.



Research affiliations

2018- Present               Research assistant. Health Research Institut Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) - Barcelona

2012- 2017                     Pre-doctoral Research Fellowship in Department of Food Science at UdL supervised by Dra. Martín-Belloso.

2014                                   Research assistant - Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC- México)

2008- 2009                     Junior Researcher in Research and Development Department in Coca-Cola Company

2007- 2008                     Research fellowship UAB Characterization of gluten-free flour by Non infrared methods for gluten intolerance patient


Research projects

2017- Present               Principal investigator. Project: Creation of Nutrition Unit as a strategy to reduce mortality in infant children (0-5 years) at Hospital Bon Samaritain (Tchad). Funded by University of Lleida. 24000€

2018- 2020                     Post-doctoral Researcher. Project: IDIET-HF Clinical intervention on the healthy cardiovascular habits to enhance dietetic and culinary behaviours in familial hypercholesterolemia patients. Coordinator: Núria Alonso. Funded by AMGEN 50000 €

2018                                   Research collaboration. Key Study (Knowledge, cognition and environment in Young adults)- URL



Published journal papers (selection)

Salinas-Roca, B., Guerreiro, A., Welti-Chanes, J., Antunes, M. D. C., & Martín-Belloso, O. (2018). Improving quality of fresh-cut mango using polysaccharide-based edible coatings. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 53(4), 938–945. (Q1)


Salinas-Roca, B., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Welti-Chanes, J., & Martín-Belloso, O. (2018). Effect of pulsed light, edible coating, and dipping on the phenolic profile and antioxidant potential of fresh-cut mango. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 42(5), 1–9. (Q2)


Morales-de la Peña, M., Salinas-Roca, B., Escobedo-Avellaneda, Z., Martín-Belloso, O., & Welti-Chanes, J. (2018). Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure and Temperature on Enzymatic Activity and Quality Attributes in Mango Puree Varieties (cv. Tommy Atkins and Manila). Food and Bioprocess Technology, 11(6), 1211–1221. (Q1)


Camiro-Cabrera, M., Escobedo-Avellaneda, Z., Salinas-Roca, B., Martín-Belloso, O., & Welti-Chanes, J. (2017). High Hydrostatic Pressure and Temperature Applied to Preserve the Antioxidant Compounds of Mango Pulp (Mangifera indica L.), Food and Bioprocess Technology, 10(4), 639–649. (Q1)


Salinas-Roca, B., Elez-Martínez, P., Welti-Chanes, J., & Martín-Belloso, O. (2017). Quality Changes in Mango Juice Treated by High-Intensity Pulsed Electric Fields Throughout the Storage. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 10(11), 1970–1983. (Q1)


Salinas-Roca, B., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Welti-Chanes, J., & Martín-Belloso, O. (2016). Combined effect of pulsed light, edible coating and malic acid dipping to improve fresh-cut mango safety and quality. Food Control, 66, 190-197. (Q1)


Book chapter

Salinas-Roca, B. Welti-Chanes, J. Martín-Belloso, O. Soliva-Fortuny, R. (2017). Handbook of mango fruit : production, postharvest science, processing technology and nutrition (151-169). (M. Siddiq, Ed.). Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN. 9781119014355


Martín-Belloso, O. Marsellés-Fontanet, R. Salinas-Roca, B. (2012). Food Chemisty: Principles and applications (Chapter 21: Fruits). Ed. Science Technology System. ISBN: 1-891796-08-0


Clinical documents

Salinas-Roca, B. Alonso, N. Sospedra, M. (2019). Clinical guidance on culinary skills and medieterranean diet adherence for familial hypercolesterolemia patients (IDIET-HF Study). Ed. Fundació Alicia


Papers in preparation

Salinas-Roca, B. Alonso, N. A systematic review of novel diet pattern and culinary skills in familial hypercholesterolemia patients to improve c-LDL: a straty for promoting healthy lifestyle


Salinas-Roca, B. Alonso, N. The impact of a dietary intervention enriched with beta glucans in c-LDL and Mediterranean diet adherence of familial hypercholesterolemia women


Salinas-Roca, B. Solarte, C. Espart, A. Cadmium exposure in pregnant women and its relation with childhood health in low and middle income countries. A systematic review.


Presentations, seminars and conferences (selection)

2019-                  DIPLOCAT-Government of Catalonia. Feeding future Workshop

IMIM-International Symposium of diet and lifestyle in fertility

UNHCR-Building innovative partnerships: Tackling child malnutrition and achieving SDGs

2017- 2012     Oral communication in: ISEKI Conference (2015), EFFOST Conference (2017, 2014, 2013), Non-thermal International workshop-TEC Monterrey (2013).


Professional expertise

2016-2017      Nutritionist at Centre Hopitalaire Universitaire- Bon Samaritain (N’Djamena-Tchad)

2016                                   Instructor - Save the children. Cultural and dietary habits improve in Muslim and African groups.

2010- 2011     Nutritionist at Clínica Aliança (Lleida-Spain)


Affiliations and collaborations

2018- Present               Board of director’s team of Catalan College of Registred Dietitians- Codinucat

2012- Present              Mass Media collaboration at Radio Ua1




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Diplomada Nutrició Humana i DietèticaUniversitat De Barcelona
Llicenciada en Ciència i Tecnologia dels AlimentsUniversitat Autònoma De Barcelona
Master de Recerca en Sistemes AgroalimentarisUniversitat De Lleida
Màster en Formació de Professorat de SecundàriaUniversitat Autònoma De Barcelona
Doctorat en Nutrició i Ciència dels AlimentsUniversitat De Lleida

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