Nuñez Izquierdo, Manuel Ernesto
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                        IQS School of Management at Universitat Ramon Llull                                              Barcelona, Spain                      

                        Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), International Doctorate, summa cum laude.

                        Business/ Managerial Economics, 2015 – fall 2018

                        Thesis Title: “Evaluating the impact of corporate governance on firm performance”.


                        Brandeis University                                    Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

                        M.A. in International Economics and Finance – 2001


                        University of Santiago de Chile                                       Santiago, Chile

                        Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) – 1997


                        University of Havana                                                           Havana, Cuba

                        B.S. in Economics – 1991                                                                             


Academic Visits:

Sept.-Dec.        Department of Economics, Boston College, USA     

2017                 with Dr. Christopher Baum who is a specialist in applied econometrics, financial markets and macroeconomic policy. As a result of our joint work, we finished an article entitled “Evaluating the impact of compliance with governance recommendations on firm performance: the case of Spain” sent recently for publication to European Management Review.


Publications, Conferences and Scholarships

  • “Evaluating the link between commercial governance ratings and firm performance in a cross-European setting”, Management Decision, 55, 2089-2110.
  • “Impact of compliance with governance recommendations on firm performance: the case of Spain”, Working Paper.
  •  XII Workshop on Empirical Research in Financial Accounting, Exeter, UK, June 2017
    • Aristus Campus Mundus mobility scholarship for international academic collaboration, Fall 2017, Boston College, USA.
    • Responsible for business planning, financial management and projections.
    • Managed all internal auditing, budgeting and cash flow, accounting and reporting, cost controls, and compliance with regulations.
    • Member of the Emerging Market Debt team that managed more than US$10.0 billion in institutional funds. Dedicated assets under management (AUM) grew from $0.8 billion to more than $10.0 billion from 2002 through 2011. Portfolios outperformed benchmarks each year during this period.
    • Preparation of financial models, forecasting, and valuations models related to existing portfolios and new investment opportunities.
    • Used fundamental research, financial modeling and analysis to assess dollar-denominated and local currency debt investments.
    • Modeled national, subnational, and quasi-sovereign accounts. Produced internal credit ratings and scoring model based on fundamental research and qualitative analysis
    • Generated statistical models to analyze and forecast enrollment at the University.
    • Forecasted medium and long-term impact of student enrollment on University revenues.
    • Responsible for the production and capital division’s budget, cash flows, cost control, and financial projections.
    • Handled internal audits including general accounting affairs, quarterly reports, annual financial statements and budgets.
    • Oversaw and directed a team of 10 employees that handled the firm’s financial accounts, international clients and procurement.
    • Solving problems arising in activities related to import and export.
    • Managed the operations of this 120-bed clinic.
    • Responsible for all financial reporting, budgeting and control, and analysis.


Teaching Experience

                          Universitat Ramon Llull, Fundación Blanquerna                             Barcelona, Spain

2018 - Present   Macroeconomics  – Undergraduate course in Spanish, Sport Management Degree.

                          Microeconomics – Undergraduate course in Spanish, Sport Management Degree.

                         Seminary V Internationalization  – Undergraduate course in Spanish, Sport Management Degree.

Financial Management – Undergraduate course in Spanish, Sport Management Degree.

Accounting – Undergraduate course in Spanish, Sport Management Degree.


2015 – 2018       Universitat Ramon Llull, IQS School of Management                             Barcelona, Spain

                          Applied Corporate Finance – Undergraduate course in English (2015-2018).

                          Economic Structure – Undergraduate course in Spanish (2015-2016).

Globalization and Economic Integration – Undergraduate course in English (2017).

Microeconomics – Undergraduate course in Spanish (2016).


Universitat Ramon Llull, ESADE                                                                       Barcelona, Spain

Spring 2019      Macroeconomics  – Global Governance and Law, English Section, Assistant Professor.

Fall 2018           Microeconomics  – BBA, English Section, Assistant Professor.


Other Professional Experience

2011 - 2014      Assembled New Technologies                                         Valencia, Spain

                        Finance and Investment Manager

2002 – 2011      Wellington Management                           Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

                        Senior Financial Analyst

2000 – 2002      Brandeis University                                    Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

                        Senior Research Analyst – Office of Management Research and Analysis

1995 – 1999      Plastix Chilena Shyf S.A                                                   Santiago, Chile

                        Assistant Manager

1992 – 1994      Neurological Restoration Hospital                                      Havana, Cuba



                        Bilingual Spanish - English. Basic knowledge of Russian and Catalan

                        Member of Creu Roja Catalunya since 2014                                               

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