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Andrea Noferini is adjunct professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and fellow researcher at EUGov Research Group in Multilevel Governance at the Universitat Auntonoma de Barcelona (UAB). Among his appointments, Dr. Noferini is adjunct professor at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and external collaborator at Johns Hopkins University Public Policy Center at UPF. He completed a doctorate in Politics and Economics of Developing Countries at the Universitá degli Studi di Firenze (IT), with a comparative thesis on the management of urban solid waste at the local level (European Commission, URB-AL. Red 6, Urban Environment). He also has a degree in Economics (Public Economy, major) and a Master in Political Science (2005-2007) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

His main research areas deal with European integration and the impact of EU on member-states and Enlargement countries from the analytical perspective of Multilevel Governance and Europeanization. In the last ten years, Dr. Noferini has collaborated extensively with public administrations, practitioners and experts in relevant policy fields such as public utilities, environment, decentralization, territorial cooperation, cohesion policy, institutional and administrative capacity building. In 2015, for example, he has actively cooperated with the Catalonian regional government in the program for the development of Local Plans for Social Inclusion, the territorial instrument for achieving some of EU 2020 targets in Catalonia.

Dr. Noferini is member of the International Political Science Association as well as member of the International Network on Territorial Cooperation (RECOT). He was member of the International Research Network on Sub-National Collaboration for Regional Development promoted by the Regional Studies Association (2008-2011) and member of the Jean Monnet Centre of excellence in EU sub-regional cooperation studies at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2010-2013). He has extensively taught both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in EU related-issues, global studies and public policies. 

His most recent publications deal with: a) EU policy making and public policies, mainly the implementation process of the EU legislation in Spain; b) the external action of sub-national entities, also labeled as paradiplomacy; and c) cross-border cooperation among EU territories as a new mode of governance. Particularly, Euroregions – meant as territorial experiences among bordering territories of two or more member states – represent a recent phenomenon to be studied in order to interpret how effective can EU instruments be in the provision of territorial public goods to citizens. First findings shows indeed that, among the more than a hundred examples of euroregions, only few experiences do present strong, coordinated and powerful organizational structures able to face the cross-border challenges that affect European citizenzs.


Research Information; Researcher identifiers: 0000-0002-6704-4839; Researcher ID: E-7647-2015


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09/03/2006Doctorado de Investigación en Economia y Politica de los Paises en Via de DesarrolloUniversità Degli Studi Di Firenze
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