Monte Salvador, Carlos
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Storyteller, Filmmaker, Transmedia Strategist



He has a PhD in Communication Studies (Ramon Llull University) with a thesis on narrative structures in audio-visual media, MBA in Film and TV (Ramon Llull University) and BA in Fine Arts (Barcelona University).

With more than twenty-five years in the field of communication, he is currently in charge of creative and development strategies at Efímero Films, of which he is also a Director and a Founding Member.

He is Associated Professor at Ramon Llull Univesity, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (both in Spain) and Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (in Cuba).

He is an independent Consultant for Organizational Storytelling and Disruptive Processes and a member of several international transmedia workgroups.

Currently he is an international Advisor for Proimágenes Colombia New Media Program and Member of Innovación Audiovisual (interdisciplinary group dedicated to the disclosure of new technology applied to filmmaking).

He has directed videos, written screenplays and has script-doctored and been a project consultant for both fiction and documentary projects. He has directed short films and animation series.

He has also designed exhibitions, games and interactive applications. He has created comics and has been in charge of editorial design for different publishers.

As an Author he has published many books and usually collaborates with specialized online media, writing about transmedia, storytelling, user’s experience, branded content and cinema. He combines all this work with conferences, workshops and teaching in company.



Transmedia, Film Direction, Storytelling, Story Architecture & Narrative Structures, Screenwriting, Teaching, Storyboarding, Script Doctoring, Graphic Novel, Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration, New media, Narrative.

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20/06/2013Màster Universitari en Ficció en cinema i televisió. Producció i realitzacióUniversitat Ramon Llull
17/07/1989Llicenciat en Belles ArtsUniversitat De Barcelona
Doctor en Estudis Avançats en ComunicacióUniversitat Ramon Llull

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