Guerra Balic, Miriam Elisa
Perfil professional
Experiència professional


        Degree on Medicine and Surgery. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

        Specialized in Sport Medicine. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)         

        PhD in Medicine. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

        Full Professor University Ramon Llull  (Barcelona, Spain), since 2019  

        Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Department Chair, FPCEE-Blanquerna, (University Ramon Llull), since 2006

        Member of the Academic Committee of the PhD program on Education and Sport Sciences. FPCEE-Blanquerna (URL) since 2013



 a.Undergraduate level:

Professor of Exercise Physiology since 2001
Professor of Seminar since 2001
Professor of Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2002-2004
Professor of Anatomy and Biomechanics, 2004-2005 (substitution)
Professor of Research Methodology, 2013-2015
Professor of Psychobiology, 2020 (substitution)

b.Postgraduate level:

“Mestrado en Actividade Física Adaptada” (Master on Adapted Physical Activity), Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Fisica. University of Porto (Portugal), Physical Activity for Elderly with Intellectual Disabilities, since 2017
“Màster Universitari en Activitat Física, Salut i Entrenament Esportiu” (Master on Physical Activity, Health and Training), FPCEE-Blanquerna (University RamonLlull). Teaching several topics:
   -Functional Evaluation of people with Intellectual Disabilities, since 2012
   - Seminar advising Master Thesis, 2013, 2014
   - Introduction to Research Methods, 2009-2011
“Master en Actividad Física Terapéutica” (Master on Therapeutic Physical Activity), Faculty of Health Sciences –Blanquerna (University RamonLlull).
   -Introduction to Exercise Physiology, 2016 - 2018
   -Physical Activity for people with Down Syndrome, since 2016
“Master de Fisioterapia para Deportes de Equipo” (Master on Physiotherapy for Team Sports), Faculty of Health Sciences -Blanquerna (URL) in collaboration with the Football Club Barcelona Hub.
   -Fatigue and Recovering, 2016, 2017
   -Master thesis advisor, 2016-2020
“Programa de Doctorado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte” (PhD Program on Physical Activity and Sports Sciences), FPCEE-Blanquerna” (University Ramon Llull)
   -Scientific Publication, 2004-2008
   -Advisor PhD thesis, since 2002
“Master en Neurorehabilitació” (Master on Neurorehabilitation), Institut Guttmmann and Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Intellectual Disability and Exercise, since 2008.
“Master on Exercise and Health in Special populations”, Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Fisica. University of Coimbra (Portugal), Adaptations for Functional Evaluation in persons with Intellectual Disabilities, since 2008
“Master Oficial en Danza y Artes del Movimiento” (Master on Dance and Movement Arts), Catholic University of San Antonio (Murcia, Spain), Research Methodology, 2006-2009
“Postgrau en Publicación Científica” (Post-Graduate course on Scientific Publication), Dirección de Investigación y Proyección Social. Universidad Centroamericana. (Managua, Nicaragua). Scientific Publication, 2007-2008
“Post-Graduate course on Primary Education”, Apor Vilmos Katolikus Foiskola (Budapest, Hungary), Management of students with Chronic diseases and Disabilities, 2009-2010
“Master Universitario di II nivello in Sport e Management Psico-Sociale: gestire la cooperazione, mediare i conflitti”, Alta Scuola de Psicologia Agostino Gemelli (Universittá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore). (Milano, Italy). Physical Activity and Intellectual Disability, 2009-2010
“Màster en Actividad Física Adaptada i Màster d’Educación Física Adaptada” (Master on Adapted Physical Activity and Master on Adapted Phsysical Education), Faculdade de Ciências de Educação Física e Desporto; Universidade Pedagogica (Maputo, Mozambique).
   -Adapted Physical Activity, 2008-2010
   -Advisor of Master thesis, 2008-2010
“Master on Exercise Physiology”, Syracuse University (USA), for Graduate students and Faculty members, Screennig previous exercise in Down Syndrome, 2001-2002
“Máster de Activitats Físiques Adaptades” (Master on Adapted Physical Activities), Institut Nacional d'Educació Física de Catalunya (INEFC),
   -Medical Screening for people with Intellectual Disabilities, 1997-1998
   -Down Syndrome in Adapted Physical Activities, 2001-2002.
“Màster on Exercise Physiology”, George Washington University; Washington,D.C. (USA), Down Syndrome and Physical Activity, 1999

Experiència internacional

- Escuela de Educación Física (Universidad Católica de Valparaíso) , Valparaíso, (Chile),  financial support by the Agencia Española de Cooperación internacional (AECI)
- Faculdade d’Educação Física, Universidade de Moçambique (Maputo, Moçambique), as visiting professor
- Laboratory of Integral Physiology, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), financial support by the FPCEE-Blanquerna (URL)

- "ACSM 2000 International Student Award", American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to the work presented at the ACSM 47th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, (USA), entitled "Comparison of the chronotropic exercise response in nondisabled individuals and individuals with Down Syndrome"
- “ACSM 2014 Dr. Lisa Stroud Krivickas Clinician Scholar Award” American College of Sports Medicine, to the communication “Physical Activity and Dance programs in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities”. Orlando (USA)
- ACSM 2014 Co-author of the poster selected as one of the 10 best posters presented at the congress, entitled “Effects of An Exercise Program On Strength And Balance In Adults With Intellectual Disabilities”. Orlando (USA)
- Award to the Best Catalan Communication, recognized by the Catalan Professional College of Physical Educators (COPLEFC) during the 18th European Congress of Sports Sciences (ECSS) held in Barcelona (2013), as a coathor of the work “Influence of glu298asp polymorphism in heart rate recovery after exercise” 
- Three recognized six-years-term by the AQU (Catalan Agency of University Quality): 1999- 2004 (Reference IUE/3750/2008), 2005-2010 (Reference IUE/4114/2010), and 2011-2016 (Reference 0233/3513/2017)
- Certification by the AQU (Catalan Agency of University Quality) as: Assistance Professor (nº Ref: 171/PUP/2003), Acreditation AQU as Associate Professor (nº Ref: 1BHRLFB96) and Acreditation AQU as Full Professor (nº Ref: 6CP9FYMGY; 02339/1972/2017)
Càrrecs de direcció, gestió o coordinació


       Physician (athletes assistance and control, professor and researcher) Center for Functional Evaluation  (Sports Services, University of Barcelona); 1992 - 2001

       Physician of the Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona (CEEB, School Sport board of Barcelona’s city); 1994 - 2003

       Coordinator of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at the FPCEE-Blanquerna, (URL); 2001 - 2007

       Coordinator of the Health and Physical Activity area, FPCEE-Blanquerna (URL); 2001-2004

       Vicedean of International Relations, FPCEE-Blanquerna (URL), 2004-2013

       Member of the International Relations Committee of the University Ramon Llull, 2004 - 2013.

       Member of the Cátedra Unesco, University Ramon Llull (2004-2013), responsible for the organization of activities related to cooperation for university development.

       Member of the Crisis Committee (Crisis Management), University Ramon Llull, 2010 - 2013.

       Member of the Comenius Association, 2004-2013, organizing the European mobility programs for professors and students.

       Physician: collaboration with the School for Special Needs Jeroni de Moragas, since 1992.

       Consultant for the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, for the project “Prevention of Children’s Obesity in the city of Barcelona” (POIBA), since 2012

       Principal Investigator of the research group  “Health, Physical Activity and Sport” (SAFE), accredited as consolidated by the AGAUR  (Ref. 2017 SGR 1232), Generalitat de Catalunya (2001-2020)     

Altres mèrits


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BOOK CHAPTERS (5 last years)
1. Josep-Oriol Martínez-Ferrer, Myriam Guerra-Balic, Jordi Segura-Bernal (2016). “Inclusión y Deporte Adaptado”. Capítulo 3 en Jordi Segura Bernal (coord.), PSICOLOGÍA APLICADA AL DEPORTE ADAPTADO, Barcelona: Editorial UOC, ISBN: 978-84-9116-589-7
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INVITED SPEAKER (5 last years)
- Myriam Guerra-Balic (2021). “Research Projects on Adapted Physical Activity”. Invited speaker at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Bellaterra, Spain).
- Myriam Guerra-Balic (2021). “Effects of a judo program in children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorder: the autjudo project”. Invited speaker in the BRICSCESS-2021 congress, Shangai (China). (to be presented)
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- Myriam Guerra-Balic (2020). “Exercise and Intellectual Disability”. Online presentation as an invited speaker in the Tea Talks UNASP. Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo (UNASP-HT). (Hortolândia, Brasil)
- Myriam Guerra Balic (2020). “Cómo gestionar la investigación en época de pandemia” (How to manage research during pandemic). Online presentation as an invited speaker at the Unversidad Católica de la Santisíma Concepción (Concepción, Chile)
- Myriam Guerra-Balic (2019) “Fitness levels of persons with Intellectual Disability”.  Invited speaker at the 2019 South East Asian Games Scientific Congress (SEAGSC 2019) & 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2019),  Clark City (Philippines)
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- Myriam Guerra-Balic (2017), “Recomanacions pels pares i mares d’infants amb la Sd. De Down que volen començar a practicar exercici i esport”. Invited speaker at the Medijocs-2017. Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (Barcelona)

1. “SITless: Exercise Referral Schemes enhanced by Self-Management Strategies to battle sedentary behavior”, funded by European Comission - Horizon 2020: Research and Innovation Framework Programme (H2020-PHC-2014;  nº 634270-2); Amount: 4.547.561,00 €; 2015-2020; PI: Antoni Salvà (Fundació Salut i Envelliment) 
2. “Discapacidad Intelectual, Ejercicio y Envejecimiento”, founded by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Reference: DEP2017-86862-C2-1-R); Amount: 72.000€; 2018-2020; PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic
3. “Hipoxia, deporte y salud (HYPOXSPORT): red de investigación en ciencias del deporte», funded by Consejo Superior de Deportes (27/UPB/19). Amount: 8.000€, (2019) PI: Ginés Viscor
4. “Collaboration to Improve Physical Activity and Social Isolation for Older Adults Globally”, funded by the Massachusets Institute of Technology MISTI Global Seed Funds and “La Caixa” Foundation; Amount: 21.500$; (2019-2020); PI: Samantha Brady
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8. “Pla d’acció per augmentar l’adherència a l’esport en persones amb risc de desenvolupar patologies associades al sedentarisme”, funded by Fundació Naccari Ravà; 2020-2022;  amount: 30.000€.  PI: Joel Montané

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5. “Cross-sectional assessment of healthy eating index, physical activity, and psychosocial factors related to physical function in community-dwelling older adults”. Funded by: Fundació Blanquerna. Amount: 3.000€ (2016). PI: Eulàlia Vidal-García
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7. “De l’Educacio Secundaria a l’Educacio Superior: Estudi evolutiu del Dual Career en els Esportistes i Ballarins d’alta dedicacio (second phase)”. Funded by: Fundació Blanquerna. Amount: 400€ (2015-2016). PI: Josep Solà-Santesmases
8. “European Network in Physycal Activity research in Intellectual Disability”(secon phase). Funded by: Universitat Ramon Llull / Obra Social “La Caixa”. Amount: 8.400€ (2016). PI: Miriam Guerra-Balic 
9. “Canvis de la condició física amb l’edat en persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual”. Funded by Fundació Blanquerna (APR-FPCEE 16-17/05). Amount: 1.300€ (2016-2017). PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic
10. “Efectos de una prueba de esfuerzo sobre el equilibrio estático en personas con discapacidad intelectual”. Funded by University Ramon Llull (2017-URL-Proj-040). Amount: 9480€ (2017-2018). PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic
11. “Brain Breaks program® as a technique to reduce sedentary behavior in school hours”. Funded by Fundació Blanquerna (APR-FPCEE 17-18/05). Amount: 1070€ (2017-2018). PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic. 
12. “Discapacitat Intellectual, Exercici i Envelliment”. Funded by University Ramon Llull (2018-URL-Proj-069). Amount:16.725€ (2018-2019). PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic
13. “Discapacitat Intellectual, Exercici i Envelliment”. Funded by University Ramon Llull (2019-URL-Proj-028). Amount:18.500€ (2019-2020). PI: Myriam Guerra-Balic
14. “Efectos de un programa de promoción de la salud para personas mayores en los datos obtenidos en la prueba de fuerza de prensión manual (FPM) respecto a la población general”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2019_07). Amount: 5000€ (2019-2020). PI: Aitor Coca 
15. “Rendimiento cognitivo y condición física relacionada con la salud en adultos con discapacidad intelectual: modelo predictivo de vida independiente para favorecer la inserción social y la vida autónoma”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2019_11) Amount: 6000€ (2019-2020). PI: Amaia Mendez-Zorrilla
16. “Gaming digital solution to promote active and healthy aging in adults with intellectual disability: a pilot study. HELP-ACTIVe (Health and Engineering Linked Project-ACTIVe)”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2020-31) Amount: 5000€ (2020-2021). PI: Olga Bruna.
17. “Análisis de big data para evaluar los factores asociados a la falta de adherencia a un plan deportivo”.  Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2020-30) Amount: 9000€ (2020-2021). PI: Joel Montané.
18. “Nuevas tecnologías y salud: modelo predictivo de deterioro de la salud y modelo predictivo de los beneficios de la actividad física en poblaciones especiales”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2020-19) Amount: 4000€ (2020-2021). PI: Aitor Coca, Myriam Guerra-Balic
19. “HELP-ACTIVe: Application of gamified digital solution to promote active and healthy ageing in adults with Intellectual Disability (2nd phase)”.  Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2021-08).  Amount: 3300€ (2021-2022) PI: Olga Bruna
20. “Big data for multivariable analysis in healthy habits: individualized planification for physical activity through an App”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2021-02).  Amount: 6700€ (2021-2022) PI: Joel Montané
21. “Nuevas tecnologías y salud: modelo predictivo de deterioro de la salud y modelo predictivo de los beneficios de la actividad física en poblaciones especiales - Fase II”. Funded by Aristos Campus Mundus (Reference: ACM2021-35).  Amount: 4500€ (2021-2022)  PI: Aitor Coca, Myriam Guerra-Balic


a)Member of Scientific Committees in Congresses, Symposium, and other scientific activities:
- Member of the Scientific committee at the “Jornades d’Investigació, Esport i Discapacitat”, held in Barcelona (Spain) (2005)
- Member of the Scientific committee at the “7th European Congress  of the Federació Internacional d’Educació Física Catalunya (FIEPC)”, Barcelona (Spain), June 2012
- Member of the scientific committee at the “II Congreso Nacional de Danza e Investigación”, Barcelona(Spain), November 2012.
- Member of the scientific committee at the “18th Congress of the European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS)”, Barcelona(Spain), June 2013
- Member of the scientific committee at the “Congrès Anual d’Estudiants de la FPCEE-Blanquerna”, Barcelona (Spain), October 2014
- Member of the scientific committee at the “IV Congreso La Investigación en Danza”, Valencia (Spain), November 2016
- Delegate at the “3è. Congrés de la Professió Mèdica del Col·legi Oficial de Metges” de Barcelona (Spain)  (2016)
- Member of the scientific committee at the “Congress of the Asian Pacific Association of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES)”-2018 (Malaysia)
- Member of the scientific committee at the “V Congreso Nacional and II Internacional La Investigación en Danza”, Sevilla (Spain)  (November 2018)
- Member of the scientific committee at the 2nd BRICSCESS congress 2019, Cape Town (Southafrica), October 2019.
- Member of the scientific committee at the “ICPESS congress 2022”, to be held in  Barcelona (Spain) (December 2022)

b)Member of the Editorial Committee of the following Journals:
- Editorial board of Apunts de Medicina de l’Esport, since 2006
- Editorial board of ALOMA, Revista de Psicología, Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport, since  2009 
- Editorial board of Revista Motricidad Humana, de la Escuela de Educación Física de la Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Xile), since  2006 
- Editorial board of Revista Salud UNINORTE, since 2018
- Editorial board of Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, since 2019
-       Associate editor of Frontiers in Network Physiology, since 2021

c)Peer reviewer of the following scientific journals:
- Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise since 2002 
- Journal of Sports Sciences since 2007 
- Adapted Physical Activity Quaterly since 2010
- Journal of Sleep Research since 2011
- Archivos de Medicina del Deporte since 2013
- European Journal of Sports Sciences since 2013
- International Journal of Obesity since 2015
- Research in Developmental Disabilities since 2015
- Rehabilitation Nursing since 2015
- Apunts de Medicina de l’Esport since 2015
- Journal of Human Hypertension since 2015
- Journal of Heart Health since 2015
- Psychiatria Danubina since 2015
- Scandinavien Journal of Medicine and Sport des de 2015
- Women and Health since 2015
- Revista Salud Uninorte since 2016
- Journal of Intellectual Disability Research since 2017
- Sustainability since 2017
- International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) since 2017
- European Journal of Sport Sciences since 2017
- Didacticae since 2017
- European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity (EUJAPA) since 2018
- Journal of the Asian College of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) since 2018
- Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities since 2018
- Medicina since 2019
- F1000 Research since 2019
- Journal of Physical Activity & Health since 2019
- Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR) since 2019
- Psychological Measurement since 2019
- Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health (APJPH) since 2019
- Journal of Sports Sciences since 2020
- Journal of the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) since 2020
- Motor Control since 2020
- Retos since 2020
- Plos One since 2020
- Research in Developmental Disabilities since 2020
- South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation (SAJRSPER) since 2020

d) Peer Reviewer of the following books:
- ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 10th edition (2017). Pniladelphia: Wolters Kluwer
- Functional Fitness For Adults Living With Down Syndrome (2020). South Africa: AOSIS

e) Expert Evaluator of the following institutions:
- Evaluator of the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU, Catalan Agency for the University Quality) since 2006
- Expert evaluator of the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (National Agency for Research) (Spain) since 2007
- Expert Evaluator of the European Comission for the H2020 program since 2019
- Evaluator of the Centro Nacional de Investigación (National Center for Research) (Uruguay) since 2019
- Expert Evaluator of the National Research Foundation (South Africa) since 2020

f) Evaluator Committee for associate and full professor category promotion:
- Núria Massó Ortigosa: FCS- Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Sixte Abadia: FPCEE- Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Maria Giné Garriga: FPCEE- Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Jose Morales Aznar: FPCEE- Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Laia Monné Guasch: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
- Elena Carrillo Álvarez: FCS (Universitat Ramon Llull)
- Dané Coetzee: Faculty of Health Science (North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)

1. -Fortuño Godes, Jesús. 
Title: Relación entre calidad de vida relacionada con la salud y los usuarios de programas de ejercicio físico comunitario para la tercera edad de Catalunya. 
Date: 30/06/2008
2. -Giné Garriga, Maria. 
Title: Functional Performance in Physically Frail Community Dwelling Older Adults.
Date: 12/07/2010 Recognized as International OhD Thesis, Extraordinary Doctorate Award of the URL
3. -Azahara Fort van Meerhaeghe
Title: Valoració i entrenament del control neuromuscular per a la millora del rendiment esportiu
Date: 13/07/2010
4. -Domingos Madeira, Aspacia
Title: Influência da malária assistomática em parâmetros de crescimento e desenvolvimento em crianças e jovens de una regiao rural de Moçambique
Date: 29/06/2011
5. Mònica Solana Tramunt
Title: Entrenament de la propiocepció conscient de la CV lumbar: una aplicació a la natació subaquática
Date: 15/09/2011
6.  Josep Sánchez Malagón
Title: Determinants genòmics de la condició física: influència del polimorfisme BDNF val66met en la recuperació cardiada postesforç.
Date: 03/02/2012
7. -De Blas Foix, Frances Xavier 
Title: Proyecto Chronojump-Boscosystem. Herramienta informàtica libre para el estudio cinemático del salto vertical
Date: 18/06/2012 Extraordinary Doctorate Award (URL)
8. -Agustí Montañola Vidal
Title: medida del equilibrio estático en corredores de maratón mediante Baropodometria optométrica 
Date: 18/07/ 2014
9. -Costa Tutusaus, Lluís 
Title: Elaboració, validació i aplicació d'un qüestionari puntuable per avaluar l'estil de vida saludable en adolescents a Catalunya
Date: 21/02/2014
10. -Oviedo, Guillermo Rubén 
Title: Valoración funcional y niveles de actividad física en personas con discapacidad intelectual; efectos de un programa de actividad física aeróbico, de fuerza y equilibrio
Date: 22/07/2014 Recognized as International PhD Thesis
11. -Carme Martin Borrás
Title: Avaluació del PPAF per promocionar l’activitat física des dels CAP. Assaig clínic aleatori controlat
Date: 27/04/2015 Extraordinary Doctaorate Award (URL)
12. -Marc Franco Solà
Title: Les percepcions de l’esport en edat escolar en els alumnes entre 10 i 16 anys: Un estudi de cas múltiple a l’Escola Pia Balmes (Barcelona), Southwark Primary School i Djanogly City Academy (Nottingham).
Date: 21/12/2015 Recognized as International PhD Thesis
13. -Lourdes Gutiérrez Vilahú
Title: Anàlisi del contacte plantar i l’equilibri en bipedestació estàtica en joves amb la síndrome de down sotmesos a un programa d’activitat física basat en la dansa
Date: 21/01/2016
14. -Josep Oriol Martinez Ferrer
Title: Estudio y protocolización del proceso de inclusión del deporte de competición de las personas con discapacidad en las federaciones deportivas convencionales en el Estado Español
Date: 18/01/2016
15. -Sara Signo Miguel
Title: El proceso de envejecimiento en las personas con síndrome de Down: estudio multicéntrico para la detección de los cambios neuropsicológicos
Date: 25/01/2016
16. -Yurema Sabio Lago
Title: Las finalizaciones en posiciones 1 y 2 de waterpolo en el Mundial de Natación de Barcelona 2013
Date: 29/01/2016
17. -Sílvia Barnet López
Title: Implementación de un programa de danza para personas con Discapacidad Intelectual: Repercusiones en su Bienestar Emocional 
Date: 21/06/2017. Recognized as International PhD Thesis
18. -Carmen Porcar Rivero
Title: Demanda d’assistència sanitària d’un col·lectiu d’esportistes d’alt rendiment durant tres temporades esportives consecutives: 2006-2009
Date: 21/07/2017
19.       - Sónia Ruiz Pérez
Title: Estudio Intercultural de la distribución calórico-dietética y su eimpacto en la autopercepción corporal en varones no competidores de musculación
Date: 18/01/2019
20.       -Jonathan Galan Carracedo
Title: Thermoregulation in male endurance runners: Role of skin temperature during an incremental maximal exercise test
Date: 19/02/2020, Recognized as International PhD Thesis
21.      -Ana Claudia  Silva Farche
Title: Efeitos de um treinamento multicomponente no controle autonômico cardíaco de idosos pré-frágeis
Date: 20/02/2020. International Co-advisor, with double PhD Certification (Spain-Brasil) Co-mentorship with Anielle Cristhine de Medeiros Takahashi
22.     –Xabier Ríos de Frutos
Title: Efectos de Programas de Promoción de la Salud a Través de la Actividad Física en Adultos y Adultos Mayores en el País Vasco: Evaluación de la Capacidad Funcional y Biomarcadores de Salud
Date: to be defensed aprox. July 2021


-Advisor of the website DOWN21 (  
-Member of the International Relations Committee of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), 2011-2017
-Member of the Glogal Forum for Pedagogy of Physical Education (GoFPEP), since 2013 ( 
-Member of the Doctorate senate of the University of Barcelona, since 2004
-Member of the Scientific Committee of the Fundación de Investigación en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte (, since 2015
-Board of Directors of the Foundation for Global Community Health  ( , since 2019
-Member of the research network Hypoxsport (Ref.: 33/UPB/20) since 2019
-Member of the ACSM emerging leaders program since 2021
-Member of the Research Group “Health, Physical Activity and Sport”, recognized by the AGAUR as consolidated (Reference: 2017 SGR 1232) 



02/07/2001Doctora en Medicina i CirurgiaUniversitat De Barcelona
02/06/1986 Medicina y CirugíaUniversitat Autònoma De Barcelona

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