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Associate Professor (International Public Law and Transitional Justice) at Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations-Ramon Llull University, GLOBALCODES Researcher and Consultant for the European Union External Action Service. Carles is a lawyer with a PhD in International Relations (2017). Since his Master’s thesis (2006), Carles has studied transitional justice processes, initially from an international human rights and humanitarian law perspective, and later on from a socio-political and peacebuilding dimensions through the study of truth commissions and their impacts. To highlight his practical approach to research: Carles has worked as a human rights officer with INGOs and the Office of the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, from 2008 to 2012. Since 2017, he has held various positions within the UN, researching how transitional justice contributes to the prevention of violations. Academically, Carles has conducted research at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, New York University School of Law, and at the Institute of Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul National University. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented his research worldwide. Since 2015, Carles is the convener of the European Consortium for Political Research group on human rights and transitional justice.



   European Union External Action Service                                            Barcelona, Spain

   Consultant transitional justice                                                             Since August 2019

  • Drafting the Sector evaluation of the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) support to Transitional Justice in beneficiary countries (2014-2018). The IcSP is the EU's main instrument supporting security initiatives and peace-building activities in partner countries.
  • Field mission Central African Republic (12-20 October) to evaluate IcSP actions.


   School of Communication and International Relations                      Barcelona, Spain

   Ramon Llull University                                                                             Since July 2019

   Associate Professor International Public Law and Transitional Justice 

   GLOBALCODES Researcher


   United Nations Office for the Prevention of Genocide                            New York, US

   Human Rights Officer - Staff temporary assignment                              March – June 2019

  • Drafted the Secretary-General's report pursuant to Human Rights Council Resolution 37/26, on the prevention of genocide. The report examines State’s capacities to prevent genocide and atrocity crimes at a national, regional and international level. It also analysis State’s educational programs and memorialization projects that contribute to prevent atrocity crimes. Presented at the HRC on 1 July 2019.


   Center for Human Rights and Global Justice                                          New York, US

   New York University, School of Law

   Scholar in-Residence                                                                    January – December 2018 

  • Research: The role of civil society in advancing the reform of education about a recent past in countries emerging from armed conflict or authoritarian rule.
  • Research: Civil society and victim’s mobilization around truth commissions.


   United Nations Office for the Prevention of Genocide                            New York, US

   Consultant transitional justice and human rights                                      May – June 2018

  • Drafted the document on the links between transitional justice and atrocity preventionthat has been annexed to the “joint study” on the contribution of transitional justice to the prevention of atrocity crimes. In the document, I examine examples of how the reform of constitutions, the reform of history education, the oversight of security forces, and the role of civil society contribute to prevent atrocity crimes. These examples were collected during two expert group meetings held in New York (September 2017) and Geneva (November 2017).


   United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights    New York, US

.  Consultant transitional justice and human rights                               July – December 2017

  • Collaborated in the “joint study” on the contribution of transitional justice to the prevention of atrocity crimes, presented by the Special Rapporteur for the promotion of truth, justice, reparations and guarantees of non-recurrence and the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide to the Human Rights Council, in March 2018. Particularly, researched the relationship between transitional justice and prevention and drafted the section on the contribution of history education to the prevention of atrocity crimes.


   Institute of Peace and Unification Studies                               Seoul, Republic of Korea

   Seoul National University                                                        November 2016 – June 2017

.  Visiting Researcher (Non-residential)

  • Research on the current transitional justice discourse on the Korean Peninsula.


   United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights    Kathmandu, Nepal

   Human Rights/ Transitional Justice                                            January 2011 – March 2012

  • Designed and implemented OHCHR-Nepal strategy towards the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and a Disappearances Commission;
  • Drafted evaluation report on the OHCHR-Nepalwork on TJ from 2007 to 2011;
  • Managed the database of cases of human rights violations monitored by the OHCHR;
  • Enhance judicial capacity through trainings to public prosecutors;


United Nations Office High Commissioner for Human Rights      Nepalgunj, Nepal

Human Rights Officer                                                        March 2010 – December 2010

  • Ensured compliance of the police with international human rights standards in crowd control by monitoring demonstrations and engaging with law enforcement officers; 
  • Ensured respect of human rights of detainees by conducting detention visits;
  • Promoted initiatives supporting protection of human rights defenders;
  • Designed and implemented workshops/trainings to raise awareness of human rights and transitional justice among conflict victims; 


Peace Brigades International-Nepal Project         Kathmandu and Gulariya, Nepal

Human Rights Officer                                                           August 2008 – August 2009

  • Provided international protective accompaniment to human rights defenders, including lawyers interviewing detainees and/or filing first information reports (FIRs) with the Police;
  • Assessment of threats and harassment to human rights defenders;
  • Developed and maintained positive working relationships with Nepali civil society and human rights organisations;


Feijóo, Fernández & Galisteo, SCP                                                    Barcelona, Spain

Law Firm Partner                                                                            July 2001 – July 2005

  • Litigated civil, commercial and administrative affairs in judicial procedures (Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeal) and out-of-court settlements; 
  • Filed and directed voluntary jurisdiction procedures for land registry and to release real estate from encumbrances, such as liens and servitudes;
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PhD International RelationsUniversitat Autònoma De Barcelona
Master of Advances Studies in Peace and International SecurityUniversidad Nacional De Educación A Distancia (Uned)
Master in International Relations Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Law degree Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

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