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I am Full Professor in Educational Psychology at Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Spain. I have been Vice Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies at the Graduate School of Psychology and Educational Sciences of my University from 2002-2008.

Since 1996, I am leading the Research Team on “Writing and Reading Strategies”, which is part of the Interuniversity Seminar on Teaching and Learning Strategies, awarded as a consolidated research team by the Government of Catalonia.

Since 2015, I am also Director of the Research Institute on Psychology, Learning and Development (RI-Psy) at Universitat Ramon Llull.

I am coordinator at my University of the interuniversity doctoral program “Culture, education and semiotic systems”, awarded with the Quality Mention by the Spanish Minister of Education.

Between 2008 and 2013, I have been Editor in Chief of the Journal Cultura & Educación (Taylor & Francis; indexed, among others, in the Web of Science/ JCR- SSC). And since January 2013, I am Associate Editor of the Journal Of Writing Research (JOWR), a Sig-Writing publication.

Elected member of  the Executive Committee de la European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) (2013-2015).

Elected member of the Executive Committeede la European Federation of Psychology Teachers Associations (EFPTA) (2003 - Act.).

Member of the Scientific Committees of Sig-Writing Conferences in Barcelona, Porto, Amsterdam and Liverpool (1996- 2012- 2014-2016), and active member of EARLI since 1993.

In 2013 I co-founded the EARLI Special Interest Group on Researcher Education and Careers (SIG-REaC) and organized the first Conference held in Barcelona in 2014.

I am also a member of the International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research (ISAWR) and of the Scientific Committee of the 2017 Conference (Bogota).

My research activity and publications focus on Early Career Researcher Writing and identity Development and I am especially interested in co-authorship, social aspects of research writing, agency and writing regulation in situated learning communities.

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Selected last five year publications 

Corcelles, M, Cano, M., Liesa, E., González-Ocampo, G. & Castelló, M. (2019). Positive and negative experiences related to doctoral study conditions. Higher education research and development (Forthcoming).

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Castelló, M., Pyhältö, K & McAlpine, L.  (2018). European Cross-National Mixed-Method Study on Early Career Researcher Experience (Chapter 7; p. 143-174).  In A.J. Jaeger & A. J. Dinin (Eds.), The Postdoc Landscape. The Invisible Scholars. New York: Academic Press.

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Cerrato-Lara, M., Castelló, M., García-Velázquez, R. & Lonka, K. (2017). Validation of The Writing Process Questionnaire in two Hispanic populations: Spain and Mexico. Journal of Writing Research, 9(2), 151-171 

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Castelló, M. (2017). Tot mirant-se al mirall. De comunicar el que s’ha après a aprendre comunicant. Articles de didàctica de la llengua i la literatura, 73, 7-13. 

Castelló, M. (2017). Mirarse en el espejo. De comunicar lo que se ha aprendido a aprender comunicandoTextos de didáctica de la llengua y la literatura, 76, 7-13

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Pardo, M., & Castelló, M. (2016). Teaching writing for learning at university: a proposal based on collaborative review/Enseñar a escribir para aprender en la universidad: una propuesta basada en la revisión colaborativa. Infancia y Aprendizaje, 39(3), 560-591.

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Mayoral, P. i Castelló, M. (2015). Profesorado novel y feedback del tutor. Un estudio de casos. Profesorado. Revista de currículum y formación del profesorado, 19(1), 346-362. Disponible a



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