Carrillo Alvarez, Elena
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Professora de la Facultat de Ciencies de la Salut. Grau de Nutrició Humana i Dietètica. Blanquerna. URL

Investigadora Principal - Grup de recerca Global Research on Wellbeing (GRoW)

Assessorament i educació nutricional a diferents institucions i col·lectius.

Participació en el desenvolupament de projectes i recerques de l'àmbit socioeducatiu i comunitari.

Experiència internacional


-       Future Leader into the Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) Program, which recognizes and mentors emergent global scholars dedicated to promoting active and healthy living strategies.

-       Domain Coordinator for the development of the “Healthy Food Basket” in the Pilot project towards a Common Methodology for Reference Budgets in Europe, funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. 2014-2015.

-       Visiting Scholar, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the Harvard School of Public Health.

-       Member of the Consortium for the EU 7th Framework Program research project “ImPRovE: Poverty, Social Policy and Innovation”, 2012-2016.

-       Coach and Lecturer at the Erasmus Intensive Program: “Quality of Food Intake and Social Exclusion”. Barcelona, 20-30 March 2012 and Antwerp 17-29 March 2014.




-       Fellowship from the Spanish Training University Lecturers program (FPU).

-       Award-winner of the best presentation at the IX Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition. Barcelona, 2012.

-       Award-winner of the best presentation at the Vth DIETS Conference. Barcelona, 2011

-       Award-winner of the 2008 Catalan Association of Food Sciences Prize. “El món, l’alimentació i jo”, disponible en línea en www.prevenció.cat

-       Award to the Best Academic Record, Universitat Ramon Llull, 2007.

-       Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Universitat Ramon Llull, 2004.


Càrrecs de direcció, gestió o coordinació


Coordinadora de relacions internacionals del Grau en Nutrició Humana i Dietètica a la FCSB-URL. 2015-actualitat.

Coordinadora 4t curs - Grau en Nutrició Humana i Dietètica a la FCSB-URL. 2017-actualitat.

Altres mèrits


Main research areas:

(1) Social determinants of obesity, especially Social Capital

(2) Healthy Eating promotion in low-income families and

(3) Educative Governance Networks, which connect social, health and educational organizations and empower communities to succeed in front of today’s comprehensive challenges.


Recent publications:

Carrillo-Álvarez, E., Caro-García, E., Cayssials, V., & Jakszyn, P. (2020). Application of nutrient profile models to compare products offered in ‘healthy’ vs ‘conventional’ vending machines in a Spanish hospital environment. Public Health, 179, 135–146.

Rodríguez-Monforte, M., Fernández-Jané, C., Martin-Arribas, A., Costa-Tutusaus, L., Sitjà-Rabert, M., Ramírez-García, I., … Carrillo-Alvarez, E. (2020). Interventions across the Retirement Transition for Improving Well-Being: A Scoping Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(12), 4341.

Carrillo-Álvarez, E., Villalonga-Olives, E., Riera-Romaní, J., & Kawachi, I. (2019). Development and validation of a questionnaire to measure family social capital. SSM - Population Health, 8, 100453-.

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Carrillo-Álvarez, E., Penne, T., Boeckx, H., Storms, B., Goedemé, T., Carrillo-Álvarez, E., … Goedemé, T. (2018). Food Reference Budgets as a Potential Policy Tool to Address Food Insecurity: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Study in 26 European Countries. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 16(1), 32–44.

Carrillo Álvarez, E., Kawachi, I., & Riera Romaní, J. (2018). Neighborhood Social Capital and Obesity: a systematic review of the literature. Obesity Reviews, (20), 119–141.

Carrillo-Álvarez, E., Riera-Romaní, R., & Canet-Vélez, O. (2018). Social influences on adolescents’ dietary behavior in Catalonia, Spain: A qualitative multiple-cases study from the perspective of social capital. Appetite, 123(1), 289–298.

Carrillo, E., Kawachi, I., Riera, J., Alvarez, E. C., Kawachi, I., & Romani, J. R. (2017). Family Social Capital and Health: a systematic review and redirection. Sociology of Health and Illness, 39(4).

Carrillo Alvarez, E. (2017). Obesity Patophysiology: current perspectives. In World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Source.

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Carrillo-Álvarez, E., & Riera-Romaní, J. (2017). Childhood Obesity Prevention: Does Policy Meet Research? Evidence-Based Reflections upon the Spanish Case. MOJ Public Health, 6(2).

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Carrillo, E., Cussó, I. & Riera, J. (2016). Development of the Spanish Healthy Food Reference Budget for an adequate social participation at the mínimum. Public Health Nutrition, online first. doi:10.1017/S1368980016001026

Carrillo, E. (2016). Empirical approach to the effect of social capital on the lifestyle, eating habits and weight status of a sample of Catalan adolescents. A specific focus on the family environment in different socioeconomic contexts (doctoral dissertation). Universitat Ramon Llull. Available at:

Carrillo, E., Pintó, G., Cussó, I. & Riera, J. (2015). Development of a common methodology for reference budgets – The Spanish food basket. Brussels: European Commission.

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Carrillo, E. (2008). “The world, food and me”. Teaching material for secondary schools. Available at www.prevenció.cat and award-winner of the 2008 Catalan Association of Food Sciences Prize.

Dario, N., Lovro, S., Carrillo, E., Emeljanovas, A., Mienziene, B., Milanovic, P., Radisavlevic, J., Kawachi, I. (submitted for pulication). Are Mediterranean diet, physical activity and family social capital trust associated with higher levels of self-rated health among secondary-school students in Lithuania and Serbia? A population-based cross-sectional study.


20/01/2016Doctorat en EducacióUniversitat Ramon Llull
20/09/2010Màster Universitari en Pedagogia Social i Comunitària: Lideratge de la Transformació SocioeducativaUniversitat Ramon Llull
23/06/2010Grau en Nutrició Humana i DietèticaUniversitat Ramon Llull
15/07/2008Màster Oficial en Pedagogia Social i ComunitàriaUniversitat Ramon Llull
17/07/2007Diplomatura de Nutrició humana i dietèticaUniversitat Ramon Llull

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